Key Team Members

John Sederberg : President and Co-Founder of SST

John has over 25 years of extensive experience with information technology development and implementation working with SST and other technology companies, including a Fortune 500 software/hardware technology leader. He has worked in the capacity as a Knowledge Engineer (operations research analysis), Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Systems Designer, Systems Developer, Project Manager and entrepreneur.

John has developed extensive knowledge of public entity pool underwriting / policy servicing systems and accounting / financial systems. Since 1990 he has guided SST staff to be one of the leaders in software technology for public entity pools in America by:

  • Developed four generations of pool administration systems using successive generations of technology since 1990
  • Creating one of the most sophisticated data warehouse systems in the country for public entity pools
  • Developed a web-based policy administration system that was customizable by configuration
  • Developed a web-based claim administration system that was highly integrated with a policy administration system and customizable through configuration
  • Developed a data conversion factory technology for simplified data conversion and migration

John has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota and has completed graduate level courses in Artificial Intelligence at the same institution.

Stephen Lowell : Data Analyst

Steve has over 35 years of experience in accounting, business analysis, and IT management. He has 18 years of experience working with public entity associations and public entity risk pools. He is extremely conversant in public entity pooling claims and accounting. He has substantial hands on experience working with multiple software platforms for public entity associations prior to joining SST in 1996. He is extremely skilled in data auditing and reconciliation using the SQL language.

Steve attended Golden Gate College and numerous continuous education training curriculums.

Terrence Dexter : Lead Web Application Developer

Terry has over 13 years of industry experience as a manager of software development. His core skills include Java, UML, Javascript, SQL Server, T-SQL, SSL and RMI, Cold Fusion, MSSQL, TWiki , Eclipse and Oracle.

Terry is the principal technical designer of Risk360/Policy Administration, Risk360/Insurance Accounting, Risk360/Claim Administration, and Risk360/Member Portal. He directs a staff of 3 experienced Java web application developers.

He has a MS in Computer Science from Michigan State University.

Daniel Padilla : Lead Data Warehouse Developer

Daniel has over 14 years of industry experience spanning software development and management. His core skills include data modeling, SQL, and BusinessObjects.

Daniel is the principal technical designer of Risk360/Data Warehouse and directs a staff of 2 data warehouse developers.

He has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas.