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Risk360°TM is a modular, cost effective integrated system for performing and managing the core processes of public entity risk pools.

Risk360° is comprised of the following modules:

  • Risk360°/Data Warehouse provides a single source for reporting and analyzing your pools’ data regardless of its origin. It consolidates, integrates, and stores data on exposures, premium, losses and finance into a unified and comprehensive view of the pool.
  • Risk360°/Policy Administration automates the underwriting and policy administration functions of the pool.
  • Risk360°/Claim Administration automates the claim administration function of the pool. It is tightly integrated with and requires Risk360°/Policy Administration.
  • Risk360°/Insurance Accounting automates the accounting functions of the pool for policy and claim financial activity. Risk360°/Policy Administration and Risk360°/Claim Administration integrate with it to provide centralized control.
  • Risk360°/Member Portal allows pool members to perform self-service activities over the Internet, controlled by the pool. It requires Risk360°/Policy Administration.
    Comprehensive Pool RMIS

Flexibility and Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Risk360° is designed from the ground up to conform to the uniqueness of each pool’s information technology needs through a key feature called Customization Through ConfigurationTM. This unique approach provides low lifetime cost of ownership because the level of effort needed for both initial and on-going customization is very low.

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