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Risk360°/Member Portal is the newest module in the Risk360° system and enables pool members to perform self-service activities over the World Wide Web.

It currently provides the following functional capabilities:

  • Members can update scheduled exposures in real-time.
  • Pool staff can immediately see and review changes using the Risk360°/Policy Administration.

Risk360°/Member Portal adapts to the uniqueness of each pool’s information needs through Customization Through ConfigurationTM. Also, many of its parameters are shared with Risk360°/Policy Administration to keep the lifetime cost of ownership low.

Key Benefits:

Risk360°/Member Portal enhances pool operations by:

  • Renewal information gathering is timely and efficient.
  • Less paper is used since updates are electronic.
  • Underwriting response time reduced via real time capabilities.
  • Quicker invoicing and collection of premium.
  • Reducing the amount of time and effort needed to complete the renewal cycle.

Future versions will incorporate features, such as:

  • Update non-scheduled exposures in real time for renewals.
  • Performing simple add/drop endorsements that do not require underwriting.
  • Downloading electronic copies of invoices and statements of account.
  • Reporting incidents.
  • Reporting claims.
  • Interactive search and display of claims.
  • Running and downloading electronic copies of basic reports.

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